Elora 2070-500 100-500 Nm torque wrench 3/4″ with vernier scale

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Elora 2070-500 100-500 Nm torque wrench 3/4” with vernier scale (Elora barcode:- 4022989131991)

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  • Description:- For controlled torque application from 11 – 2000 Nm
    excellent readable measurement unit for precise, correct adjustment
    main measurement unit for Nm with vernier scale, auxiliary measurement unit for ft-lb
    safe locking of the set torque value
    bi-directional fixing
    push through ratchet 3/4” with 10° smallest swivel angle
    with robust, matt steel tube
    wear-free mechanism made from hardened special tool steel
    with very noticeable and audible (”click”) signal
    ergonomic, impact resistant plastic handle
    calibration accuracy of +- 4%
    classified Conforms to DIN EN ISO 6789:2003 Type II Class A, with traceable factory calibration certificate
  • Output Male Square:- 3/4″
  • Head:- Push through ratchet
  • Measuring range Nm:- 100-500
  • Measuring range ft.lb.:- 75-375
  • Graduation Nm:- 25
  • Fine dial Nm:- 5
  • Length mm:- 822
  • Weight g:- 4350

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